Easy Map UAV Together With Pix4D Mapper to Realise A Digital Surface Modelling (DSM).

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A triggered composite solution’essymap-uav-with-pix4d-1s EssyMap UAV  with Pix4D was deployed to map a mining project. At this project, the EssyMap UAV (With a very good sensor) was used to photogrammetric measurements of a mining project called Open cast in a place called “Obora” near Lubin city near Poland.


The project was ordered by  Open cast mine mapping project to Trigger composite in June 2014. In this project, the Swiss package Pix4D was used for the photogrammetric processing of the taken photos. The resulted point cloud was almost similar to one can obtain from a Lidar mapping. Which indicates UAV surveying is assuring the application of photogrammetry measurements getting nearer to the other expensive ways of photogrammetric mappings. Read the full news here… 

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