Latest Drones At 2017

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The time is belongs to drones. Every year the capabilities, modernity, and use-abilities of drones getting high tech. Not only in terms of functionalities but also in reasonability of their price in the market. Few years ago it seemed no one could afford to buy a drone, but the more advancement in aeronautics, aerodynamics and robotics technology the more optimized solutions are obtained. The time everybody can utilize drones to ease life is coming ahead.

The following are some examples of the drones with their optimum price while they are cleaver to perform tasks in the unique way that they are intended before they are designed and manufactured.
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DjI Mavic pro:

The more things become modernized the more will they be smaller. We think that might be the reason for the smaller and squeezing in all the tremendous capabilities, and this is the big challenge in modernity. This drone has all the capabilities and functionalities while it is improved in its convenience to be carried. This new 27 minutes flight time drone has a fork stabilized camera, avoids obstacles while flying, and has a follow me functionalities without a bracelet or tracker.
The 24 high-performance computing core dual satellite connectivity, 4 vision sensors and the 4.3 mile ranged transmission system raises it’s agility. In taking off, it uses two vision sensors and can make a connection with up to 20 satellites with its functions of remembering the position which helps to return home by itself. It has a unique precision landing tech to land almost exactly where it took off which all controlled from a touch of a button. Its 4 vision sensors telling itself about what is in-front, below, over, right or left.And this helps it to avoid obstacles. As we know stabilization is the decisive factor for a flying camera Mavic pro has an extremely miniaturised gimbals to keep the entire camera steady. Its has generally a user friendly interface where the user can take few tabs to perform a command. It has 3 tracking shots like spotlight, profile and traits or use tab flight to tap and fly. It has a game-pad size controller to controller for everything which the user can keep it possibly in his or her pocket.




Gopro Karma:

The convenience to carry or using a flying camera depends on its size. Go-pro Karma designed and manufactured considering new drone operators. It has a builtin flight simulator so that users can teach or practice themselves how to fly. It has an integrated one button takeoff making it easy for the users to start to fly easy. It has interesting features like inbuilt automatic shot paths for the user to watch and learn how an optimized great cinematic quality footage can be made without even needing to know how to pilot the vehicle. It really guides the user through the whole product experience. The arms and landing gears are fold-able making it highly profiled to achieve easy and convenient portability.



Yuneec Breeze:

It has highly compacted system can be controlled with iOS or Android devices. It has a total of less than 1 pund. It captures areal photos and videos with stunning 4k ultrahigh definition. Breeze has 5 automated flight modes to capture unique shots.

  • Orbit mode
  • follow me mode
  • Journey mode
  • Selfie mode
  • Pilot mode

No need to be a skilled pilot to take special shots which can be accessible with the click of a button.

It has also direct social media sharing functionalities to share any photo shot or video captured to friends quickly and easily.
Breeze has optical flow and infrared positioning sensors that enables to control to hold in position and to avoid drifting both indoors or outdoors. It has an auto returnig home and auto landing features.





It is as fast as 40 mile per hour and built to be possible running many apps with a super computer on board that lets it do in a way that many other drones can not do.





This is the very small selfie drone which makes them easy to charge with a power-bank weighs under 0.2kg, 0.4mm thick. This is a selfie drone that one can hold the whole body of the drone in to a pocket. It is has easier interface that takes some minutes for someone to fly it. The app can be on a cellphone to make it fly. when it takes off someone tap a little bit and can give a little hand push it upward and release or pressing a button on your controller. It has special modes like real time, continuous, appearance advanced mode or time delayed mode including 1080p video recording too. Someone can easily control it all using cellphone it takes one key to share the photos or videos to a favorite social media.



Quantum Tron Transition Drone:

This drone is from Germany’s quantum system. It is a highly advanced 14 kilogram aircraft combines the long range efficiency of the fixed-wing uav with the vertical take-off ability of a copter drone. This eliminates the need for a runway additional equipment or a human or mechanical catapult requiring very
little ground space transform electrically driven propellers lifted vertically into the air towards the direction of its destination. Shortly afterward the tron enters the transition phase its forward propellers swing down to the vertical position for forward flight while the rear propeller swing back and close into rear-facing points once in cruise flight mode the trunk can travel 160 at speeds up to 80 kms/hr between 70 and 120 minutes with applications that include precision farming site inspection 3d mapping or delivering up to 2 kilograms of needed medical or other supplies the quantum transition drones provides an effective emission-free solution for the future.




Quantix has similar system as quantum tron. Qunatix is belongs to the Aerovironment. It uses its four propellers and takeoff nose up in similar fashion as missile or rocket. Shortly after takeoff the propellers re position for horizontal as a fixed-wing air craft.

Upon landing the quantix transitions back to quad-copter configuration for a vertical touchdown nose point up.
While that is truly awesome quantix mission is what really makes it noteworthy. In years to come food production will need to double to keep up the growing population.
quantix array of sensors can help farmers to pin point the need of their crops far more efficiently allowing for greater food production for performing such an important task and looking totally cool while doing it.
The Aerovironment quantix definitely deserves a stand innovation.



Air Selfie:

This is a great little flying drone camera system that can be connected with your smartphone. It is just a pocket sized camera system can capture a selfie or video by flying up to 20m high with a close or wide angle mode. It has 4 turbofan propellers and a builtin anti-vibration shock absorptive among others. Its 5

megapixel camera which is enough to take a clear and stable image including a special charging case to turn on and start the app on your smartphone. Readiness for your airborne selfie can be assured once you press the lift button.



Shift Drone:

Shift Drone is a special quad-copter eye catching silver colour drone with a shift controller of a one hand operation. It has 13-megapixel tilt enabled camera

streams videos or photos with its 8GB internal flash. It can fly up to 80km/hr with 30 minutes flight time synchronized to a smartphone. They are not released still but hopefully will be soon.




AguaDrone is a fisher drone. It’s system is completely waterproofed and can submerge and helps the fishers to find and even helps to catch fish too. It has the ability to land on fresh water, saltwater, on land with all weather and all environment. Its water proof camera helps to catch actions above and bellow the water surface. The fisher can fly out the cached fish to his or hers chosen spot and release it with a single push of a button.




Many large industry and companies that could benefit from drone technology__ cannot do so, held up by the high acquisition and operational costs with the new Airobotics system. Many of the prohibitive expenses disappear. The airobotics

solution is a complete automated system that can program its drone to fly autonomous missions with no pilot or supervision required. Receiving instructions from the airobotics base the Airobotics drone can fly scheduled or on-demand patrols of site inspection survey and mapping security surveillance and emergency response when the time comes for recharge the airbase can automatically swap the batteries with a fully recharged replacement ensuring an all-round automated system requiring no human interference by utilizing the airobotics system employees can be relieved of these responsibilities and the potential hazards involved with the airobotics air base and its companion drone. We can safely conclude that a game changing innovation has appeared in the drone industry.




SraRaku tried out successfully by a Japan’s Golf resort Camel to deliver extra golf balls for golfers.
The other online online shopping mega company Rakuten has also tried out it at the golf-course bringing not only new golf balls and other equipment to golfers but also to delivering drinks and snacks. Using their smartphones golfers were able to place their

orders right from the course from a dedicated depot workers loaded up their items into a special box carried by the SraRaku drone which phase-fully flew them out to designated spots on the course for retrieval by the golfer nothing like a cool beverage after a few bad hots right?
Rakuten intends to use their SraRaku drones to deliver products to sparsely populated areas and mountainous regions. The company is also considering using their drones in disaster reliefs situations.



Robot Arm drone:

Birds of prey have always had a monopoly on swooping in to grab something and caring it away.
Not anymore now technology has finally caught up with nature with this clown creation, the robot armed drone from Japanese company prodrone thought to be the first large format drone equipped with two internally developed robotic arms.

The robot arm drone was developed to address the increasingly strong demand for drones that can perform specific hands-on operations add to an existing pd6paw drone. This five axis arms provide an incredible amount of versatility because it’s able to carry up to 22 kg pounds for about 30 minutes. The developers envisions a wide range of uses for this groundbreaking creation these include carrying cargo retrieving hazardous materials cutting cables and much more. Through a combination of its hovering, graving and grasping abilities the robot armed drone can even perch like a bird while awaiting further instructions.

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7 Replies to “Latest Drones At 2017”

  1. Drone technology is improving by leaps and bounds these days. They’re getting lighter, smaller, stronger and the battery life gets better each year.

    I am waiting for the day they have drones as small as bees, with cameras attached (4k ultra HD of course) and can fly for an hour. It will come, it’s inevitable.


    1. Ya, of-course it is just the beginning and the indication that can show us some hint about it’s future. The one which makes as wow in this technology will come sooner.

  2. Oh! Technology is getting faster. These are really amazing drones. The folding types are the killer ones. I gus I need to have a plane to buy one. Can any one with a better experience with a drone photography recommends me the better one?

  3. Quite informative article. I dont have much knowledge of this device . But i have heard that amazon has passed the test delivery in UK through drones. It seems that now home deliveries will be done by robotic drones . Sounds cool. Instant delivery in 50 minustes.

    1. ya, it is. I read also that Aliexperess w#ll also start this service on some selected countries around the world in the near future. No one knows we may receive our drone flight pizza soon hopefully 🙂

    1. Hi Kurtis,

      Thanks for the visit!

      NJ has Strict restrictions on UAV usage policy especially on flying In State park and forestry services. With some exceptions to some state and organizations and agencies like Search and risk, fire fighting and law enforcement. This is the law according to NJ environmental protection in 2015. I’m not quite sure if there is some change since then, but as we see, the latest drones are more of autonomous and enriched with many functionalities to minimize risks. So the more drones becoming intelligent the less may gating restrictions hopefully.
      I should re check all the detailed restrictions especially at NJ and will inform you soon.
      To be honest Right now it is a bit difficult for me to give explanations about all the states because: 1. I live in Europe 2. The rules about flying a drone is quite dynamic from the experience it is changing every time.
      I really am very thankful for you have given me awareness about how deep I need to dig-up about the rules and regulations in USA or other countries.

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