The Nexus 800

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A turn key unmanned Arial vehicles system—that combines LiDAR and photogrammetry sesors a full GNSS aided inertial navigation system all on one platform.

The nexus 800 also features the first commercially-available UAV system that combines with HYPACK.
The industry leader in surveying and mapping software. This tightly integrated package will bring the user a seamless pipeline that bridges the gap between data product creation.

The nexus 800 UAV Will bring an effective solution to the surveying and mapping community. Seeking a true end-to-end solution leveraging the various expertise from:

HYPACK :  A Xylem Brand and now part of YSI is a Windows based software for the Hydrographic and Dredging Industry. It provides the Surveyor with all the tools needed to design their survey, collect data, process it, reduce it, and generate final products.

Infinite Jib: designs, manufactures and markets Unmanned Aerial Systems for professional, commercial and industrial applications. Known for our innovative design solutions, quality and exceptional customer service.

SBG systems: suppliers of miniature and accurate Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), GPS enhanced Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) based on MEMS sensors.

Velodyne: global leader in Light, Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology of which almost all familiar with LiDAR knows about this company very well.
This UAV combines all the above mentioned technologies into one compact solution. Hi pac hi sweep allows the operator to plan acquire and process the lidar and photogrammetry data on board a high-powered windows pc and high-performance UAV allowing for rapid analysis, Product creation, and export to a variety of cad and Gis formats. The nexus 800 is one complete UAV solution.

Features of the NEXUS 800:

  • Provides a full GNSS aided inertial navigation system with the Ellipse-D INS
  • Visualizes LiDAR return with a 360 degree field of view
  • Acquires LiDAR and Photogrammetric data using our powerful and user-friendly HYPACK-HYSWEEP software
  • Displays Real-Time photogrammetry and Point Cloud viewing
  • Provides Point Cloud and georeferenced photogrammetry correlation via post processing
  • Includes an On-board Windows® PC for rapid data processing and product creation
  • Allows volume computations and data analyses
  • Includes a comprehensive full flight system, training and support
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